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Hello and welcome to Russell Brown's Home Page.

Born and bred in Enfield, North London, I now live in a teeny village in East Northamptonshire, a few miles northwest of Peterborough with my SO of some thirty plus years; Reggie (that's short for Regina before I get too many sideways looks :-) and a seemingly endless procession of 'wildlife' that demands specialised care and feeding.

I own my own small company Lady Lodge Systems Ltd which specialises in supplying Computers Systems, Software and associated stuff to distributors of Frozen Food and Ice Cream.

When I'm not working for Lady Lodge or doing renovation work on our house, I like to ride, maintain and restore motorcycles and currently have a number bikes on the road; an Aprilia RSVR, an RS250, an H2B Kawasaki, an H1D Kwack, a GPz900R, a KH250 Kwack, a 1972 Kawasaki Z1, a MkIII Norton Commando in Interstate or Roadster trim depending on what she's being used for, a 1978 Black'n'Gold Bevel Drive Ducati 900SS, a 1960 Triton, a 1981 CB1100RB, a KLX450R enduro/trail bike, a 1981 Kawasaki GPz1100B1 (and one in bits under the bench), a 1978 Kawasaki Z1-R (did a full every-last-nut-and-bolt restoration job on that one), 1985 ZX750E2 Turbo, a Montesa 315R for trials (at which I'm pants) and a rather special Kawasaki ZX7RR track bike and a ZX10R ex British Superstock track bike; loose definition of "on-the-road" for those last four); a 1931 BSA Sloper is undergoing a very long term restoration and various other bikes lurk in various states of disassembly at the back of the workshop.

Not satified with the current amount of 'old junk' on which I currently lavish huge amounts of time and money (according to my SO :-), I'd like to purchase a few more bikes once I can find somewhere to put them (running out of space in the current Toy Cupboard); then I'll be on the lookout for more emerging classics and I fancy things like a T160V Trident, RD350LC, Honda CBX1000, Egli Vincent etc etc etc (the list is almost endless - unlike my pockets or garage space).

I'm an avid reader of the Ixion Mailing List and organise Trackdays for the list members at Cadwell Park near Louth in Lincolnshire. These days are triffic fun, even if I say so myself, and have also raised many thousands of pounds in support of the FEMA in Brussels and from 2003/4 we're also supporting the NABD (National Association for Bikers with a Disability).

I've written a load of guff, including advice and reviews, about Trackdays in the UK which some people might find useful. It's quite aged now but there's hopefully still some relevant bits - I'll leave it to the reader to decide!

There we go, short and sweet. Mail me if you've any comments.

Oh.... various scrappy piccies live here.

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